Cottage Sanitarium

Samuel Tyson Roberts, Sr., graduated from the University of the South (Sewanee) in 1901 with degrees in both medicine and pharmacology. He returned to his hometown of DeRidder and practiced medicine until his death in 1953.

Dr. "Sam,” as he was known, lived in a two-story home on North Pine Street, directly across from today’s McDonald’s restaurant. His main office was on Washington Avenue, but he also maintained an office at home for those patients who needed medical attention after his office hours downtown.

DeRidder had no hospital during the early years of "Dr. Sam’s” practice. Often, when a patient requiring close attention would come to his home at night, he would open the door leading from his home office into the home’s living room and shout to his wife Florence McMahon Roberts, "Florence, get a bed ready; we’re going to keep another one.”

After a few years of this, the task became burdensome. In later years Florence told her children, "On the night we had six patients sleeping in the house, I realized we needed a hospital.” This was in 1917. A few days later, she began construction of the Cottage Sanitarium, locating it next door to their home so that "Dr. Sam” could give his patients all of the attention they deserved. The Cottage Sanitarium served as DeRidder’s first and only hospital for the next quarter of a century.

Finally, Dr. and Mrs. Roberts built a two-story frame hospital on South Pine Street one block north of today’s Beauregard Memorial Hospital. This was later sold to Dr. J.D. Frazar and became known as the Frazar Clinic.

When the Frazar Clinic was built, the Cottage Sanitarium ceased to be a hospital and became a duplex. DeRidder’s current mayor, Ron Roberts, grandson of "Dr. Sam” and Florence Roberts, lived in the Cottage from ages one to three.

In 2013, the Cottage Sanitarium was sold and moved away to be re-established and renovated as a private residence.