I Remember - WWII

  1. Creighton Pugh

    Creighton Pugh

    After graduating from Singer High School at age 15, Creighton Pugh went to LSU. While at LSU, WWII broke out and Creighton answered his country's call to arms.

  2. Deridder’s 1st Methodist Church During WWII

    Deridder’s 1st Methodist Church During WWII

    Almost immediately after WWII started the 1st United Methodist church, and their congregation got behind the war effort. The massive Camp Polk, now Ft. Polk, was overflowing with thousands of troops. Just west of the city limits was the DeRidder Army Air Base with some 5,000 men and women.

  3. Perry Anderson

    Perry Anderson

    Perry Anderson, a native of Zwolle, moved to DeRidder, Louisiana in 1936. After honorable discharge from the Navy he was in the teaching profession and a businessman. He was married to Marie Cooley and had two sons; Perry W. "Skip" III and Kerry Anderson.

  4. Ray Gibson

    Ray Gibson

    In 1940, Ray Gibson graduated from Leesville High School and then enrolled in McNeese Junior College. Meanwhile, the war broke out. Ray said that as a boy he was fascinated with the army airplanes flying over Vernon Parish countryside during the Louisiana maneuvers. Ray knew then that the Army Air Corps was the place for him.

  5. Hilda Ashworth

    Hilda Ashworth

    Hilda Ashworth was a refugee of WWII, and moved to DeRidder in 1955.

  6. James L. Bradley

    James L. Bradley

    James L. Bradley, Vienna, MD, brother of Clifford Bradley of DeRidder, LA, said he would never forget the day the 4th Armored Division marched into a Nazi concentration camp in Ohrdruf, Germany. He saw a lone man, who alternately laughed and cried hysterically. Members of his unit saw blood smeared grounds and nude bodies of 19 persons who were shot hours before they arrived.

  7. Matthias Schuetz

    Matthias Schuetz

    The peace-time draft had been legislated in 1940, and more than 16 million men and women were called upon or volunteered to serve their country in World War II. M.H. Schuetz was not a bachelor, in which case he would have been the first to be called and the last to come home. Because he was a married man with children, he was a low number in the point system and was deferred until the latter part of the war.

  8. Mattie Belle Singletary

    Mattie Belle Singletary

    Mattie Belle Singletary was a pioneer teacher in the Beauregard Parish school system. She started her distinguished teacher career in 1925. Miss Singletary was born on Oct 1st, 1907 and passed away on August 13th, 1983. When WWII started she decided to do her part in the war effort. Mattie Belle joined the WAC (Women's Air Corp) in 1942 at the age of 35. After the war Miss Singletary resumed her teaching career and retired in 1966 ending a 41 year teaching career. We are indebted to Elizabeth Anne Jones who typed Miss Singletary's handwritten notes of her early school life and teaching career into the form you are seeing. Special thanks to Cindy Prince who in her genealogy research found the WAC photos. The goal on our History of Beauregard Parish is for all of us to go back in time to observe those wonderful events and people that connect our past to who we are today.

  9. Bob Blankenship

    Bob Blankenship