Mattie Belle Singletary

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Mattie Belle Singletary was a pioneer teacher in the Beauregard Parish school system.
She started her distinguished teacher career in 1925.
Miss Singletary was born on Oct 1st, 1907 and passed away on August 13th, 1983.
When WWII started she decided to do her part in the war effort. Mattie Belle joined the WAC (Women's Air Corp) in 1942 at the age of 35.
After the war Miss Singletary resumed her teaching career and retired in 1966 ending a 41 year teaching career.
We are indebted to Elizabeth Anne Jones who typed Miss Singletary's handwritten notes of her early school life and teaching career into the form you are seeing.
Special thanks to Cindy Prince who in her genealogy research found the WAC photos.

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