Keep DeRidder Beautiful (KDB)

Keep DeRidder Beautiful (KDB), a DeRidder City Government organization, became an official Keep America Beautiful affiliate in March 2008. KDB will focus on Litter Prevention, Beautification, Community Improvement and Waste Reduction in the City of DeRidder.

Partnerships will be developed through education, participation in programs and activities to improve the physical environment and quality of life in DeRidder.  KDB has worked with the Mayor and City Council to enact ordinances to improve the quality of life for residents.


The goals of the Keep DeRidder Beautiful Committee are:

  • To alter littering behavior through the development of the community’s sense of pride and ownership
  • To encourage community participation through public awareness campaigns and organized litter cleanup activities
  • To make "DeRidder Wins When You Pitch In” phrase and image widely recognized by the citizens of DeRidder
  • To improve the natural environment and beauty of DeRidder
  1. Janet Vincent

    Project Coordinator, KDB Director