Wooten Theater

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LOCATION: 102 E. 1st St., DeRidder

Impromptu Players performs three shows a year and hosts a summer camp for kids ages 10 through 12th grade.

All of productions are done at the Wooten Theater, in downtown DeRidder.  Dinner shows are the first and last night of each production.  There are two other evening shows as well as a Sunday afternoon matinee.  Specific dates will be posted as they are set.  

Impromptu Players was incorporated in 1983 with a mission to provide quality, family oriented entertainment for our community.

Aside from our own productions, Wooten Theater has been host to many other community activities.  Concerts by local musical groups Beauregard Courtesy and SouthWest Jazz are often held in the theater.  Impromptu players cleans the prop room annually and has a “garage sale” to help raise operational funds.  The facility is available to rent for parties, weddings, family reunions or whatever event you are planning.