City Council
The City of DeRidder is governed by a Home Rule Charter, which is known as a "mayor-council" form of government.  The City of DeRidder's municipal government consists of an elected council that constitutes the legislative branch of government and an elected mayor who serves as the chief executive officer and head of the executive branch.
DeRidder City Council:
The legislative power of the City of DeRidder is vested in a council consisting of seven members - five of which are elected from districts and two elected at large by voters in the City of DeRidder.  A member of the council is elected for a four-year term, concurrent with that of the mayor.
The DeRidder City Council meets the second and fourth Monday of every month at 5:30 p.m. at the DeRidder City Hall, located at 200 S. Jefferson St.
City of DeRidder Mayor's Youth Council

The Mayor's Youth Council (MYC), a group of high school students from the DeRidder community, represents a valuable resource in the city- its youth!

Accomplishing its mission through volunteerism and civic participation, members organize agendas for meetings, volunteer events, charitable giving campaigns.  Through its work, members learn about local government, develop leadership skills and gain the tools to become engaged citizens throughout their lives.

General Council meetings are held monthly, with numerous events and work days taking place throughout each month.

Community Service Department
The Community Service Department ensures that all city functions and programs of the city's charter are performed with the interest, welfare, and sensitivity of the city's citizens foremost in mind. 

Finance Department
The Finance Department is responsible for overseeing all departmental budgets, collection of monies due to the city, maintaining financial records and payroll as well as all human resources.  The department also oversees purchasing, disbursement of accounts payable and asset management.  The Finance Department also sells cemetery plots at Beauregard and Woodlawn Cemeteries.  The City's Finance Director is Ginny Brand along with employees Kay Hickman and Kelly Owens.
Fire Department

The DeRidder Fire Department responds to approximately 650 calls per year.  The department runs consist of fire suppression, rescue-extrication, emergency medical services, hazardous materials incidents, emergency standby situations, and numerous types of public assistance calls in a coverage area of 7.8 square miles with a population of 10,578 citizens.  Serving the city are 18 career firefighters and a Secretary to the Fire Chief utilizing three fire stations, a training facility, and an administrative office.  At this time, the department holds a Class 3 Insurance Rating.

Human Resources
The Human Resources Department of the City of DeRidder is located at City Hall.  The City of DeRidder is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and complies with all federal and state employment laws and city ordinances.
The major services that the City of DeRidder Human Resource department offers are:
  • Responsible for all personnel administration of the City of DeRidder employees;
  • Administers the hiring, processing and orientation of all new employees;
  • Monitor personnel policies and new employment legislation as they relate to the city and our employees; and
  • Provide advice on employment matters to the City Council, Mayor, and other Departments
Mayor's Office
Thank you for entrusting me with leading the City of DeRidder into the next exciting phase of our history.  Harnessing the tremendous strengths, talents, creativity, and diversity of our people is a tremendous task.  I know DeRidder can realize its full potential as a leading city of the 21st century.
In our ongoing efforts to communicate effectively with the people of DeRidder, this site will provide you with information about the City and allow you to become involved with our City's many programs and initiatives.
I hope you find the website useful and informative.  I look forward to working with you in the weeks and months ahead.
Mayor Ron Roberts
City of DeRidder
Police Department
On behalf of the DeRidder police Department, I would like to welcome you to our webpage.


The DeRidder Police Department is comprised of men and women dedicated to serving our great city 24 hours a day. We take great pride in keeping DeRidder safe and maintaining a family-friendly community.


The DeRidder Police Department is committed to providing citizens and visitors of DeRidder with the highest level of public service while protecting the rights and dignity of these we serve.


As Chief of Police my door is always open; and gladly welcome any comments or suggestions that you may have.


Thank you again for visiting our website. Please feel free to contact me by telephone or email or in person at 200 South Jefferson St.


John Gott
Chief of Police
Public Works Department
The City's Public Works Department is overseen by Allen Shellenbarger and consists of two sections:
  1. Utilites - Consisting of the Water Plant, the Wastewater Treatment Facility and the Utility Maintenance Section.
  2. Street: Consisting of the Street Maintenance, Cemetary Maintenance, Drainage Street Sweeping and Park Maintenance.
Water Office

Please contact us at (337) 462-8933 if we can be of service in any of the following areas:


  1. Request for new and existing services
  2. Connections and disconnections of services
  3. Customer problems including water leaks, meter leaks or pressure problems.
  4. Questions about billing or other services
  5. Garage Sale Permits
Customer Service Representatives are Jackie Prather and Cassie Guidry-Henry.
New Service: In order to have utilities connected you must present one form of identification: a valid Driverís License/State ID card and have a $50.00 deposit (cash/check/money order).



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