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Beauregard Parish Museum

Beauregard Parish Museum

Long gone are the days when DeRidder had four railroads and ten passenger trains per day. As DeRidder's story shows, the railroad "...drew population, development, and industry like a magnet" (Sten D. Smith, A Good Home for a Poor Man). The Pittsburgh & Gulf Railroad, later called the Kansas City Southern, stretched from Kansas City to Port Arthur and was completed just prior to the turn of the century.

Pictured is DeRidder's Depot, built in 1927. Located in DeRidder's historic district, the old depot now houses the Beauregard Museum and the Lois Loftin Doll Museum. Parked near the old Kansas City Southern depot is a stainless steel caboose, dated 1968, and is one of 42 stainless steel cabooses built by the Darby Corporation between 1964 and 1970.


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