Alice Foster Award

If you drive around DeRidder on any given day, you are likely to spot Marietta Jenkins-planting flowers, pulling weeds, or pruning trees. She is as much a part of the everyday landscape of our city as are the growing things that she is attending to.

Marietta as Chairperson

Marietta has assumed the position of the chairperson of the city’s Keep DeRidder Beautiful Beautification Committee, and her work has been relentless. She first of all assembled a list of volunteers and continues to inspire them to get involved as they help with the implementation of various projects. You just don’t say "no” to Marietta. Her enthusiasm and love for her community are contagious to all who come in contact with her. She has spoken to just about every club and organization in town. In a casual visit with her, she nearly always mentions beautification and clean-up, thus keeping the public aware of what has been done and what yet remains to do.
Marietta Jenkins Receiving the Alice Foster Award
Marietta and her husband personally planted several dozen crape myrtles in a public landscape area and many Chinese pistachio trees at the entrances to DeRidder. She supervised a Boy Scout troop when they planted Chinese pistachio trees along a street median. Several times a year now, Marietta on her own prunes/shapes all the trees/flowers that she is responsible for.

Litter Clean Up

Marietta is also focused on cleaning up littered and trashy sites. She drives around town with her camera. When she finds a site that needs attention, she snaps pictures and takes them to City Hall so that hopefully the situation can be addressed. This process is often difficult because of the legal requirements that have to be satisfied, but she continues to push and prod. As a result, many places are looking better. Many more will look good in the future as she is tenacious and determined that the city will be cleaned up.

Previous Career

In a sense, Marietta’s activities now are just a continuation of her previous career as a public school teacher. She taught for 30 years in the Beauregard Parish school system, most of those years she was a teacher for gifted middle school students. After retirement she still continues to tutor students every day. Her skills as a teacher have served her well in her new role as she has the ability to instruct and motivate, talents that are necessary when working with the public.

Church Activities

Besides beautification projects, Marietta is active in her church. She teaches Sunday School to $th graders. She created a group called the "Silver Foxes” - a group of senior citizens gathers each Saturday for games, companionship and fun. Several years ago she was named the Mardi Gras Queen, an honor in DeRidder that is awarded to someone with long and meritorious service to the community.

Marietta Jenkins represents the essence of the Alice Foster Award. You can be sure that DeRidder would be proud for her to get this award and that you would have found just the right person for it.