Emergency Preparedness

When a hurricane watch or warning has been issued, stay near your television to get updates on KPLC TV7 (Channel 7 on Cable TV) or listen to radio stations KVVP FM 105.7 for local information and instructions. The media will be informed of all pertinent information, including shelters that may be open, any evacuation orders, and/or school closings.

After a hurricane passes, listen to media before returning to the area, and upon returning to your home, check for damage before turning utilities back on. Be sure to have necessary repairs made before restoring utilities.

Additional Information

Should you need assistance in evacuating, please call 337-462-8911

 You may find it useful to print the tips on this site now so that in the event of a natural disaster or similar emergency you will be better able to safely sustain any unforeseen event that may occur.